Production Note #32

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It’s been a whole month since our last Production Note, and luckily a lot has happened since then.

First of all, we have finished our movie trailer. It was quite some work, but Philipp, our trailer editor, finally found the right way to do it after taking a short break from it – that’s very often the best thing to do when you’re stuck with something: Take a short break. It really did the trick for us here.

We believe the trailer is really good, everybody who has seen it absolutely loves it. The only task left until the trailer is finished is the sound mix, and that shouldn’t take too long.

So we will probably publish the trailer really soon, maybe in a week or two.

The other big thing that happened was that we were putting the finishing touches to our new website which will go online together with the trailer.

So there’s a big day ahead of us with the launch of website AND trailer all at once.

We also have our first festival invitation. It’s still too early to tell what festival it is, but we’ll announce it as soon as possible – another big step coming in the next few days.

Also, the festival promotion agency started working for us and submitted our movie to 25 film festivals from all over the world, to places like Croatia, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Germany, the US and Israel. We can’t wait to get the first results from all these submissions.

Another thing we worked on were the German subtitles. We decided to at least produce subtitles for our home market in Austria/Germany/Switzerland, based on the English subtitles that are already finished. These subtitles are still in the making, but we’re making good progress with it.

So that’s about it for now. The next time you’ll hear from us, it will probably be on the new, super shiny and beautiful website of ours that we’ll launch really soon.

See you there!

  • Kay Barker

    This is so wonderful. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of this film.

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