Production Note #33

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Welcome to Production Note #33.

A lot has happened since the last Production Note a couple of weeks back. In this Production Note, we’re trying to sum it all up for you.

You’ve probably all seen our trailer by now. If you haven’t, here it is again:

LATE BLOSSOM BLUES Official Trailer (2016)

We published the trailer on November 14, and until today, it has been watched 22.391 times on Facebook and a couple of hundred times on Youtube. It also got shared 585 times, and we received hundreds of enthusiastic comments. We also got about 250 new Facebook-Fans in the wake of the trailer release. All of this is really quite something, we were absolutely overwhelmed by these reactions.

We also published our new website that you’re visiting right now. We’re still tweaking it here and there, but we believe it’s a really beautiful and gives a lot of insight into our movie about Leo “Bud” Welch.

Today, we’ve implemented a newsletter subscription on our website. You can find it on our contact page and at the very bottom of our main page.


The next big thing was that we got invited to two wonderful film festivals, the Oxford Film Festival and the Clarksdale Film Festival, both in Mississippi. Oxford Film Festival has been named one of the 50 film festivals worth the entry fee by The Clarksdale Film Festival will even host  our World Premiere at the Delta Cinema on Saturday, Jan 28 – quite suiting, since we shot important parts of our movie in Clarksdale. We couldn’t be more excited about all this, and Wolfgang will be present at both festivals to talk about the movie in Q&A-sessions. Check out all screenings on our Screenings & Festival page.

We even got invited to Mandurai Film Festival in Mandurai, India, which starts next week. But since nobody from the team was able to fly to India on such short notice and we didn’t want to have the World Premiere of our movie happening without at least one of us present, we decided with a very heavy heart to withdraw from that festival.

We also received inquiries about screenings from countries like Belgium, Switzerland, the US and Austria. If you want to organise a screening in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This week, Wolfgang finally finished the subtitles. We now have three versions of subitles: German, English and a version were only Leo is subtitles – he can be hard to understand at times, even for native English speakers.

The next step now is to produce the DCP – that’s the digital version of the old film reel. It’s basically a hard-disk with all the data to screen the movie – and it’s readable for digital film projectors.

We will also start working on the DVD next week – we plan to produce a lot of bonus features. We have so many awesome outtakes, you wouldn’t believe it. There’s also lots of live footage of Leo that we won’t hide from you, even though they didn’t make it in the final movie. We’ll do some basic editing on all these and put them on the DVD. So be prepared for a DVD you wouldn’t want to miss!

However, it will take some time until we’re ready to launch the DVD – right now we’re planning to launch it in late April 2017 at the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale. But don’t hold us accountable for that, things could change until then….

So that’s about it for now. We have some other awesome things in our pipeline that are about to happen – but it’s still too early to talk about them. Be assured, you’ll be the first to hear once things get confirmed!

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