Production Note #26

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Welcome Production Note #26, in which we talk about working on Sound and Colors.

In the last couple of days, Stefan, Viktor and Wolfgang have spent quite some time with David Hughes at 61 colorgrading, our Colorgrading Studio – and we’re pretty much through with the process.
The movie is now VERY colorful, it looks absolutely stunning. We’re all really happy with the result of the colorgrading process. There are still some minor improvements to be done, but we’re at 99,5 % in the colorgrading department.

Sound Editing was a different story. Our sound editor, Andi Pils from Primitive Studios was quite worried because in big parts of the movie, we just didn’t have good sound recordings, especially at the live concerts. But Andi was VERY motivated (he said he really loved Leo and the movie) and worked a lot on the sound.


Here’s Andi Pils performing miracles on the sound of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES.

And yesterday, Stefan, Lisa and Wolfgang got to hear the edited sound for the first time – and it is absolutely great. Andi really made some miracles happen. Everything, even the parts where we didn’t get decent sound recordings, sounds very, very good.

However, we had a lot of small details to improve in the sound editing and didn’t make it to execute all of those improvements yesterday. And starting today, Andi is very busy with some other projects, which means that he will only be able to finish up work on June, 29.

After the sound is ready on June 29, we just need a couple of days to put together the color graded video with the edited audio file and add all the inserts and end credits – and then we’re done. Really, really, totally and absolutely done.

After that, we’ll start submitting to film festivals and hopefully bring LATE BLOSSOM BLUES to a cinema or film festival near you.

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