Production Note #27

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Welcome to our Production Note #27 about our progress in the making of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES – The Leo “Bud” Welch Documentary.

Not a lot has happened in the last two weeks because we were mainly waiting for our Soundman Andi to be available again. Unfortunately, it turned out that we had to cancel our appointment to finish the sound on June 29, so now we have to wait for another week until July 6. On that day, we’ll finish up the sound.

However, we did do some work on the movie: We realized that one short clip of the movie is jittering a little. Luckily, it’s a scene with no people in it, just a flying airplane. So Wolfgang was researching online video archives to find a fitting, non-jittering video of a plane to replace our jittery one – and he found one that should work pretty well. So when you see the movie in a couple of months, and you’ll see an airplane in the sky, you’ll know that this is the part where we’ve been tricking a little. But don’t tell anyone:-)

We also did some work on the end credits and the filmposter – both are pretty much ready by now. They should be, because once we get the sound done, we have to take the edited sound, the colorgraded images and the end credits and put it together to make it the final version of our movie!

There’s also some other nice news: A couple of weeks ago, Wolfgang sent the Picture Lock version of LATE BLOSSOM BLUES to a couple of agencies who support films to get into film festivals. These agencies always look very carefully which films to work with, so this was a first test of how our movie will be received. And just yesterday, we got the first feedback from one of those agencies – and guess what: They love the movie! Wolfgang will talk to the people of that agency on Monday, see if and how we can work with them.

So, it’s a good sign that they love the movie. Hopefully, you’ll love it, too!

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