Production Note #30

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It’s time to share another important element of our movie with you: Our film poster.

And without any further ado, here it is:


The designer of this poster is Wolfgang’s dear friend Klaus Mitter, who has also been the one who created all the titles and (together with Lisa) the end credits.

The photo was taken by Francesca Castiglioni from Italy, who has been a great supporter of our project from Day One. Check out Francesca’s website – she’s put out a book called “You Got To Move – The Land of Roots Music” that’s full of photos of old Bluesmen from the South (check out the trailer of that book) – you can probably buy it by contacting her via her Facebook page here.

The photo is not a still image from the movie because, in a real rookie move, we kind of forgot to take still photos while shooting. However, we feel that this photo of Francesca really captures Leo’s nature and the nature of our movie really well. We’re really happy about it, and we hope you’ll like it, too.

In other news, Wolfgang is finishing the first draft of the english subtitles today. He also met the editor of our trailer, Philipp, today. Philipp is a friend of our main editor Lisa and will start working right away. We can’t wait to see how he sees LATE BLOSSOM BLUES and what he thinks are the best scenes to put in a trailer. We’ll give you more about all that in the coming weeks.

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